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TBA 2012


TBA 2012

Lake Monroe High is a fanfic that will premiere sometime in 2012- the airdate hasn't been planned yet. Season 1 will include a ton of drama, so get ready readers. The fanfic will premiere on Degrassi Wiki and on this wiki.

Main CharactersEdit

Seniors (12th Grade)Edit

  • Francisco Lachowski as Alejandro Ferreira- a foreign heartthrob who loves to manipulate girls and play with their hearts.
  • Logan Lerman as Beck Davies- an over-achieving school president who has way too much on his plate.
  • Demi Lovato as Anneliese D'Angelo- a bad girl who loves to party but has a horrible addiction.
  • Selena Gomez as Isabel Santiago- a beautiful queen bee who is trying to make it as a model.

Juniors (11th Grade)Edit

  • Emilie Nereng as Scarlette Chandler- The school's head bitch in charge who's life is falling apart.
  • Chace Crawford as AJ Reynolds- a class clown who is secretly a male prostitute.
  • Raini Rodriguez as Carmen Santiago- an overweight girl who is always in her older sister's shadow.
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Alex Danowski- an androgynous lesbian with gender identity disorder.

Sophomore (10th Grade)Edit

  • Eugene Simon as Noel Spencer- an openly gay, sarcastic gossiper who loves to spread rumors.
  • Elle Fanning as Tea McGuiness- an innocent and quiet sweetheart who has a very dark secret.
  • India Eisley as Echo Evans- an eccentric and enlightened individual who is psychotic depressive.
  • Beau Mirchoff as Luca Blythe- a closeted metalhead who loves motorcycles and has a cocaine addiction.
  • Chelsea Tavarez as Cheyenne Clarkson- a passionate and talented gymnast who also loves to dance.

Freshmen (9th Grade)Edit

  • Zendaya Coleman as Rhiannon Clarkson- a smart virtuoso who is trying to find her place at Lake Monroe.
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Daisy McQueen- a ditzy and innocent blonde who is the younger sister of Lake Monroe's first hbic.
  • Alexander Ludwig as Theo La Roux- an aspiring jock who will do anything to get on the football team.

Recurring CharactersEdit


  • Phoebe Tonkin as Dallas Arquette- the second-in-command who is also the school slut. (11th grade)
  • Debby Ryan as Rosie Benson- a bubbly southernbelle and the third-in-command. (11th grade)
  • Zac Efron as Dylan Berish- the school's jock and football quarterback. (12th grade)
  • Sierra McCormick as Gracie Berish- an immature freshman that acts half her age. (9th grade)
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Roxie Martin- a drug addicted hipster who hates school. (12th grade)
  • Janel Parrish as Zoe Yung- an outcast who hates the populars, but wants to be one. (10th grade)
  • Sterling Beaumon as Troy Phillips- a rebellious troublemaker who loves skateboarding. (10th grade)


  • Johnny Depp as Blaine Waldorf- a hardworking, and helpful, school principal.
  • Rihanna as Dana Valentine- an young and eccentric performing arts teacher.
  • Courtney Cox as Natasha Hart- a strict and bossy English teacher.
  • Adrian Pasdar as Christopher Simon- an efficient, no-nonsense football coach.
  • Channing Tatum as Michael Reed- a young and funny swim coach who every girl loves. (Season 1.5)

Episode ListEdit

Episode # Title Airdate Production #
1 Come As You Are TBA 101
2 Look At Me Now TBA 102
3 Wide Awake TBA 103
4 Work Hard, Play Hard TBA 104
5 More Than This TBA 105
6 All These Things I've Done TBA 106
7 Sleep All Day, Party All Night TBA 107
8 If I Were A Boy TBA 108
9 Rumor Has It TBA 109
10 Girlfriend TBA 110
11 S.O.S TBA 111
12 We Are the Champions TBA 112
13 Paradise (1) TBA 113
14 Paradise (2) TBA 114
15 TBA TBA 115
16 TBA TBA 116
17 TBA TBA 117
18 TBA TBA 118
19 TBA TBA 119
20 TBA TBA 120
21 TBA TBA 121
22 TBA TBA 122


25 TBA TBA 125
26 TBA TBA 126
27 TBA TBA 127
28 TBA TBA 128